2008 trip to Thailand


The final update, then, as I spend my last full day in Thailand. We have come back to Koh Samui this morning, and checked back in to the Tawee Guest house we were first in when I arrived. It feels like The Ritz compared to the last few places we've been - the last, in Koh Pha Ngan, was even more... shall we say, 'rustic', than the previous ones! Up on the side of a hill that required 57 stairs to get to (even more fun with a backpack and rucksack weighing you down!), the view had potential to be good. However, unlike Adam, who had a nice clear view of the sea, I had two great trees in front of my shack meaning I could see sod all. Shower barely worked, the fluorescent light in the main room flickered and strobed like some kind of rave disco but never actually lighted up completely, and on more than one occasion there was a lizard in the room. Still - cheap!

Under the Sea...

Quite a bit to fill you in on since the last proper update, then. We caught the high-speed ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao last week, and firstly made our way to our first point of accommodation - a secluded set of bungalows owned and run by a woman called, genuinely, Ping Pong. To describe the place as "out in the sticks" would perhaps be an understatement - it took a 30 minute bumpy, off-road taxi ride in the back of a pick-up truck to get there! It was, however, on the coast, and the isolated nature of it proved quite a contrast from the comparative hustle and bustle of Samui.

Thailand Update (4)

Just a quick update this time. All is going supremely well and I continue to have a great time. We're still on Koh Tao, staying here 'til probably Thursday or Friday.

Anyhow, we have booked to go diving tomorrow, so I will post a fuller blog with details of that and all the other updates probably tomorrow afternoon or Thursday.

Aaron x

He marched them up to the top of the hill...

Well, I have managed to sort out my bank woes so I have money to spend now, hoorah. Thanks to Adam for loaning me some cash in the meantime. I'm sure I will be able to rant at anyone interested about the whole situation when I return, plus I have already mentally composed my letter of complaint, so I will leave that subject there for now...

Today has been a really cool day.

Thailand Update (2)

All is still going well in Thailand, although having adjusted my body clock to Thai time, I'm now having to readjust it to 'night out with Adam' time - hitting the sack at 6am and leaving it sometime in the early afternoon. All will change tonight though as we are being picked up at 7am tomorrow to go on a tour of Ang Thong National Marine Park...

Thailand Update

Okay, this is attempt number 2, as I just typed up everything and it failed to save. Grrrrr!!
Anyway, I made it safely over to Thailand - landed in Koh Samui airport at 8:35am local time, exactly as predicted! I find it amazing that I can travel halfway across the world and arrive exactly at the predicted time, but could try to get a bus or train in the UK to somewhere a few miles away and end up being hideously late.
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