Thailand Update (2)

All is still going well in Thailand, although having adjusted my body clock to Thai time, I'm now having to readjust it to 'night out with Adam' time - hitting the sack at 6am and leaving it sometime in the early afternoon. All will change tonight though as we are being picked up at 7am tomorrow to go on a tour of Ang Thong National Marine Park...

However, inconvenience number 3 (anyone want to take bets on how many I'll hit before I come back?) comes from the ever-helpful Lloyds TSB. Despite me going into the branch on Friday before leaving and telling them that I would be coming away and not to stop my card, having tried to withdraw cash yesterday it is blatantly obvious that they haven't bothered to do that, so my card was declined. So now I need to phone them up, as (unlike every other bank in the world) they are seemingly incapable of doing things by secure email. Oh, the joy of paying exuberant amounts of cash to listen to Greensleeves and to ""Press 1 for ..."" menu systems. Thanks for the comments on the last blog, by the way. I've changed the settings so that they will now appear straight away instead of waiting for me to authorise them. Aaron x